Awake represents the beginning of an exciting journey, the awakening of your best self. How do we do this? Through a series of mesmerizing and unconventional events occurring all over the world to celebrate the fascinating and thrilling times we live in. We bring young talented individuals from all over the world to speak, inspire and motivate our generation at our events. Together with amazing performances, innovative workshops and great networking spaces, we create the perfect atmosphere for young people to feel inspired, motivated and for them to interact. Each of our events is a unique and unforgettably fun experience. We work very hard to break the barriers of imagination and surprise you everytime, giving you the chance to learn and grow in to the person you want to be, the best version of yourself.

Awake was born to show you the world of possibilities and opportunities that await our generation which surpasses your expectations. It is your turn to be a part of it!




Are you tired of hearing that you are too young? Too unexperimented to face a challenge? Are you still looking for your true passion? Feel like you could do great things but don’t know if you have it in you yet? You’ve come to the right place! Pangea’s events are authentic experiences that will bring out the best of you. We take special care in selecting the content of our events and designing unforgettable moments. Our main objective is for you to attend an event in which you will not only learn, enjoy yourself and meet other people but also realize all the opportunities out there that await for you and ultimately take action, realize your wildest dreams and become who you truly want to be. Our events are the chance for you to meet some of the best examples of what our generation can do, people just like you who achieved great things through passion and determination. They will share their experiences with you and show you a world of possibilities. You will also attend amazing shows performed by incredible artists and meet passionate and determined people from all over the world in spaces designed for interaction, discovery and fun. Be ready to live a life-changing experience.


"One of the most amazing event I have been to. The international environment, the energy, the speakers and of course, the organization… it was awesome! Join PANGEA, a place to meet the young people that are changing the world!"

- André Leonardo, 26 years oldGlobal traveler, writer, dreamer, entrepreneur: Round-The-World-Tour

"UNLEASH is a great event for anyone still doubting what their passion is and how entrepreneurs can succeed at an early age.
This conference is an amazing example that talent is everywhere, and that Millennials will make the world better."

- Arthur GopakCEO and Editor in Chief of Alpha Gamma

"Unleash was a great opportunity to meet very diverse talent and leaders from all around the world. Demonstrating that it doesn't matter what you do, if you are passionate about it you could be as successful as you want."

- Daniel Gomez, 24 years oldCo-founder and CEO of Solben. One of the Forbes 30u30 in Energy

"This was an unforgettable experience for me. Being around such young, talented and gifted people was amazing!"

- Asia Newson, 13 years oldCo-Founder and CEO of Candle Company Super Business Girls. Known as one of America's youngest entrepreneurs

"We are a generation that has been labelled lazy, entitled and useless. Pangea is helping to change that perception by highlighting our generation's potential for disruption and positive change. It's truly an honour to be part of that vision and play a role in helping promote Pangea's positive impact on a global scale."

- Mohamed Amine Belarbi, 21 years oldSerial Entrepreneur. Founder and Editor in Chief of Gulf Elite. Awarded "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" 2015 by the Arabian Business StartUp Magazine

"Talent is Unleash. Unleash is talent. An amazing experience that inspired me and the rest of the attendees to dream big, achieve our goals and never give up. I hope, one day, to be able to rock a stage just like all of the incredible speakers did."

- Camille Gougeon, 22 years oldAttendee at Unleash 2016


Awake redefines the way you attend events. In fact we like to think that “you don’t attend events, but live them”. Filled with inspirational moments aimed at awakening your potential, we have organized and will continue to organize multidisciplinary events all around the globe such as the ones below. From Unleash, our annual show of young talent, all the way to events such as Flash, which happen all around the world, we’re constantly developing new initiatives. Have a look for yourself!

Flash CEU Moncloa

Trend Builders


Flash Andalucía

Heading Down South!


The 2015 Starting Point

Our First Conference

Mobile Challenge Junior

Disrupting the Mobile Industry


Transforming Education


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