It seems not all that long ago that I got given my first portable console, and that was mint in a box. I mean, around 60 colours on screen, and it only needed two batteries! I’m talking of course of Nintendo’s Game Boy Color.

When I evolved (like a Pokémon) into the Advanced SP, I thought I was state of the art, and definitely pleased as punch. Cuter than a button, and with a laptop shape, that beastie had over 2000 colours on screen and charged through a cord!

After that came the DS lite, and that was epic in a whole other way, after all… a touchscreen? Really? Neat!

And of course, when we jumped into the 3DS it looked like humanity’s ingenuity had climaxed, no need for special glasses, just hard-core technology and research… and presto, 3D effect to the naked eye.

This is just one of the many examples my mates and I have discussed about the uncanny rhythm technologies seem to move at. Being a mere 25-year-old, our generation has seen letters overcome by emails, the World Wide Web become bigger than life, and a plethora of different devices we used to carry around sucked into that handheld portal to our digital universe, i.e. our smartphone.

And truth is, though through the last years in which the advances of technology have overcome one another at a clearly exponential pace, the world has gotten a whole load smaller, which oddly enough, seems to only have made it an even deeper and more interesting place to live in.

The sheer weight of the Net means that with any random search through our phone we have access to amounts of information that our parents could not fathom at our age. With wider access to knowledge, opportunities grow accordingly, and in this great era, in which any of our mates are at the other end of a call, the whole “two heads think better than one” thing, it textbook obvious.

Hindsight shows that, though we may not realize, us, the Digital Native generation, are lucky enough to be in a time where our thoughts can bound and knit throughout the Net, our opinions trickle down through people into great projects, and our will be enforced by those who share goal and purpose. It’s not just Our Time being now, it’s The Time being now, because with all the world at our feet to walk, our companions at our side through our gadgets, and the knowledge of centuries behind us in digital banks, libraries within the Net, anyone with vision and tenacity, can make anything happen.

Some recall old times, and rightly so, for in a long journey such as humanity’s, great good things have indeed been lost, bound to happen in so many millennia, considering socks lose themselves in the washer within minutes. However, personally, I wouldn’t spend too much time mourning the past. Not when I live in an era in which every new day, potentially makes another miracle happen. One that not so long ago, was lost in the category of “dream”.

Frankly, all things considered, there’s no time I’d rather live than now, where everything spins so fast it’s just a blur, and yet I’ve never lost my mates of sight, and keep discovering wonderful new people to connect with.

Say what, you can be the next one.

Written by Xavi Mínguez