Do you remember the event that happened in Barcelona on September? Well, I couldn’t go. I recall a girl calling me saying you had accepted my inscription and asking me if I would go to the event, but I couldn’t afford the trip. So yes, being poor makes you lose some opportunities, that hurt me.

The story doesn’t end here, before that I received the UIMP scholarship, that allowed me to go to abroad in Spain to study an English course for a week, so I chose Barcelona, albheit a few weeks after the event took place. But yeah, I ended up going to Barcelona and met 30 youths in a fantastic experience. But I’m not here to tell you about the experience, but rather what I learnt from it. I was taught that there are marvellous people that can teach you things to help you in your life. I remember that I was very worried because on the second term of this year I have 2 extra subjects that I have to recover from the previous year, and I didn’t know if I could deal with it. But on my course there was a girl that studied in the mornings on a bachelor similar to mine, and worked office hours during the evening.  I thought it was incredible and pondered on it.

A long time ago I was a smart boy, but lazy. Those who study the day before and pass (most subjects), that don’t do sports nor eat healthy. And I complained. This is the most important bit, I complained. About the university in which I study, my Friends, my ex-girlfriend, my poorness, my family… I thought these were the reasons that stopped me from being the guy I wanted to be. And some months ago I realized that they were just excuses. Yeah, maybe those things make the journey longer and even through in some obstacles, but the path is still there and I’m the one who chooses whether to take it or not. So some months ago I signed up on the gym, started studying regularly and eating healthy. To make myself responsible of the money I spent and working on the weekends. And here I am, in exam season, maybe I won’t get better results, but, you want to know how great I feel now? Maybe the path I wanted has grown longer and may be difficult, but I’ve chosen not to back out and walk it, I’m going to enjoy it. Overall I am going to believe in myself even if others don’t.

 I am who I wanted to be, since I wanted to be someone.

And all of you can be whoever you want if you fight for it, no matter how many obstacles there are on that path. I’d love to be a great professional in economics and finance, besides being a healthy and sporty guy. And you? Who do you want to be?

Written by Álvaro Domínguez