Sometimes life gets hard, we all know. Seems like it doesn’t matter how good you are doing it, that things only get worse. This can be frustrating for someone who’s dealing with studies, economic problems, starting a new business and an infinite list of things to do longer than this article.

Sometimes in life we have to slow down and realize that the situation is not that bad at all and that in most cases we already knew what everything was’t going to be alright. We all knew that the career we are passionate of wasn’t going to be like school, that we had to sacrifice some things in order to carry on. We knew that when there’s no money we get very limited in a lot of aspects, how bad it feels not to have a comfortable life like others; we also knew that we had to work like there was no tomorrow to give birth to that business idea, that decisions doesn’t always turn as we supposed they would do…


We have to stop worrying about ourselves, everyone has hard times, the difference is how you deal with them. We don’t have to see them as a problem but as an opportunity to grow as a person, the more the ground is plowed, the better the plant grows. If we didn’t had hard times in our lifes, how we can possibly improve? It’s part of this beautiful concept of life, the greatest people are the ones who suffered the most.

If we take a look into ourselves we can see a guy or a girl full passions that wants them to come true, that’s what we call our purpose in life, what gives us a reason to wake up every morning, what makes us not to care about any obstacles or problems that we found in our path. No one or nothing is going to stop us from getting what we want, because we know what we are made of, nothing can compete with passion, not even the biggest of the problems or the worst situation. So next time we are feeling that the wind isn’t blowing in our favour, we have to remember that we have our own oars to row.

Written by Gonzalo Fernández