What is it like? To be a hero

Look in the mirror and you’ll know

Look into your own eyes

And tell me you’re not heroic

That you have not endured, suffered, or failed

Or lost the things you care about the most

And yet, there you are

You rise again from your own ashes

A survivor of your own kind of a life

The hottest place you’ve ever known

A place where quitters don’t belong, don’t last long

Maybe you felt dead inside

So you resurrected from the damaged self you were

From the empty soul you had

So….you must be a hero, we all are

Some more than others, but none of us alone

Some died to keep your place safe

Others fought for a cause, for a purpose, for hope

To wipe a Misjudgment of all people around

But this is your unique place, your life

Angel or devil, rich or poor, old or young, you live here

You didn’t choose this life, but somehow it chose you

Because a hero isn’t something,

Neither someone who’s above us

Watching over us, or keeping us safe

A hero isn’t a god or an idea

A hero lives here, with us, among us

Always here but rarely recognized

Living in the shadows

Maybe yours

So just Look in the mirror

And see yourself for what you really are

And you’ll find the undeniable truth

You’re a fighter; you’re a hero, welcome home…

Written by Mehdi Belbachir