One environment. Countless communities

TRIVU is an environment with room for anyone with a drive for changing the world. Whether you study, you work, you are a park philosopher or Doctor Cum Laude from Real Life University. We really do not mind.

We are looking for young talent because of their eagerness and devotion.
Talent and hunger. Do you have it in you?

Young talent, mucho more than age

Age is not but one of the -thousands? millions?- characteristics that define you. That is why TRIVU emerges as a new concept of young talent which transcends the number of candles you blew on your last birthday cake, and is in seek of a different attitude. People who:

Thinks outside the box

We are looking for brave people who will go beyond what they have always been told that they have to do. Why think out of the box? Make your cat a house with that box!

Talk without fear

One of those people who know what they want and they will ask for it. The ones that do not play along the "look, listen and be quiet" style.

Act limitless

Those who can see further ahead. Just because they have one only life and they will not waste it walking always the same path, right? You set your own limits.

Jaime SimarroSEAT DisrUP challenge winner
"TRIVU is giving people from my generation the opportunity to demonstrate the potential that brands usually fail (or will not be willing) to see. TRIVU was the perfect tool to be able to reach a brand who, otherwise, I would have never been able to contact "
Alex HuertasNorthweek Sunglasses Co-founder
"TRIVU means the capability of bringing over opportunities to young talent beyond their age. It is a bonding agent for organisations and talent which makes digital transformation far easier "
Emma GinerPeople & Organisation Shaker
"Trivu es un estilo de vida, un puente que une talento de todos los orígenes y realidades. Porque sólo a través de lo diverso podemos escribir un presente y un futuro mejor. Es maravilloso formar parte de todo esto."
Oliwia PuppelSEAT Employer Branding & Career Programs Manager
"The collaboration with Pangea has been a huge turning point for the growth and development in the Branding Strategy for SEAT. I will be sure to highlight the magnitude and closeness that this contract has brought with my team. The projects and workshops that occur jointly with SEAT has been a wonderful experience to say the least, with the results exceeding our expectations by a grand amount!"

Life in TRIVU, the best

If you are in, we already like you. (Also if you are not… although a bit less.)
Once you take part in this holy madness, we want you to enjoy the best possible benefits. For that matter we rolled up our sleeves to sign agreements with brands who can add good, nice and cheap little somethings. Benefits that you will get to have only for being a part of TRIVU, nowhere else.
Google it. You’ll see.

MBA for under 600 euros?

Yes! The Power MBA also wants you to study without having to pay an arm and a leg, and they offer you the possibility to access their Future Leaders program for people under 26 years old with special conditions that will surely fit the size of your jeans’ pockets.

Benefit: 75 euros off tuition for Future Leaders program.

Did you know that in order to produce 1 kg of paper, 2000 litres of water are used? Now you know!

If this reality hurts you as much as it hurts us, now you have the opportunity to own a notebook that does not come from trees. Plus it is water-resistant!

Benefit: 10% off the usual price

Tired of studying? Switch off for a weekend.

Does your crush not stand you having your phone in your hand? Switch off for a weekend. You have no home town but you always wanted to have one? Now you do! Escape to a rural little house in the mountains of Madrid… and switch off from the world around you!

Benefit: 10% off the usual price

You want to know half of the world, we know it.

You take more planes a year than colds you catch, and yet they do not seem to be enough. Then, when you get home, you want everyone to know where you have been, and you to bear it in mind. What if you had a map to scratch off the places you have already been to?

Benefit: 10% off the usual price

Attending a language school?

It is not worth the trouble! Babbel brings you the opportunity to learn "on the go". In the subway, in bed… or waiting for that unpunctual friend of yours (in case it is not you)

Hire 3 months and earn 3 months free.


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