(S)milestone Challenge


Join this global talent ecosystem designed for the new digital generation to create the NEXT BIG IDEAS with the power of impacting 1 Billion young people through P&G brands.

You probably don’t remember the first time you heard your parents’ voices, do you? Or the day you took your first steps as a baby. Or the first time you ate that delicious ice cream and couldn’t believe life could get this exciting. If you don’t remember, we on the other hand, do.

We remember because since DAY 1 we’ve been impacting the lives of billions of people through a thousand of memorable and truthful brands. Brands can tell amazing stories, but these can only be built and brought to life by the people who work so hard to make their promise a reality for thousands of people around the World.

A World that is changing so fast and in which there are hundreds of challenges, but even more opportunities. For us. Together.

So we at P&G want make sure that you will find a way, a channel, a platform, a person, a voice, a first day to start your journey as someone truly making a difference. Surely a big one. And believe us, that kind of day, DAY 1, is of the kind no one ever forgets.

SMILESTONE CHALLENGE Brighter ideas for better smiles.

They say you don’t miss something until its gone.. A few things are actually more important than having healthy teeth and gums. Yet caring for them often translates into a tedious, monotonous and even painful task.

Throughout the years, we at P&G, have made so many things better than they used to be, easier, more exciting, more enjoyable, and more fun. Now, we want to do this for oral care, through our well-known brand, Oral B. And the best part? We will do it together with you.

Are you ready to make oral care exciting?

How it works

Enrollment time!

Fill the form and let us know a little bit more about yourself.

In-depth questions

Once you finish the form, you will receive just three questions. The will take you 5 minutes at most and they will help us to know further about your profile.

Take a pic!

If you are one of the pre-selected ones, you will have to take a pic - we know you´re a selfie lover - with a P&G product you didn´t know. No worries! We will help you with this part!

Let's hack Oral-B!

Between all social media participants, P&G and Trivu will choose the best 20 ones who will participate in Paris or Madrid hackathons.

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