DIGITAL GEN, S.L. is required to obey the valid legislation with regard to personal data protection in our legal system.

Responsible for processing your personal data

Protection of personal data provided by the User through the forms which they may complete will be processed and integrated into its nomination files by DIGITAL GEN, S.L. All the necessary security measures required by the valid legislation will be implemented in order to guarantee the confidentiality and in accordance with regulations about data protection.

Thus, the responsible for processing your data will be DIGITAL GEN, S.L.

Purpose for which your personal data are destined

The collected data will be destined to the following purposes:

  • To ease, accelerate and fulfil the agreements established between parts
  • The maintenance of the relation which derive from the forms which you (the user) might sign.
  • Attention to the application or submit the query made.
  • Commercial purposes and marketing studies.

Legal basis for the treatment of your personal data

The legal basis for the treatment of your data for purposes considered in point 3.2 is constituted by the expressly consent given after filling the pertinent form.

Data retention period

Your data will be preserved during the entire period the relation between the different parts are kept and, if anything, during the legal time required for the compliance of administrative duties, tax or in any other field.

Cession and communication of your personal data

DIGITAL GEN, S.L. will be able to make cessions or communications of your personal data in order to handle the duties with the Public Administrations in those cases in which an agreement with the current valid legislation, or any other authority such as the State Security Forces and Corps or the Judiciary body would require.

International transfer of data

DIGITAL GEN, S.L do not transfer data internationally, having its server located in Ireland.

Implanted Security Measures

DIGITAL GEN, S.L is committed to the compliance of its obligations regarding the secret of personal data and its own duty to keep them. Further, it will take all the required measures in order to avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or non authorized access, according to the established applicable normative.

In that sense, DIGITAL GEN, S.L. has implanted the required technical security and organizational measures in order to guarantee the security of your own personal data and avoid their alteration, loss and/or treatment and/or non authorized access, taken into account the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the exposed risks, coming from human action or physical or nature environment, according to the established valid law.

DIGITAL GEN, S.L. organization worried by privacy; and, so as to strengthen the confidentiality and integrity of information of its organization; keeps constantly under supervision, control and evaluation of its own processes in order to assure the respect towards privacy and the security of information, according to the international standards.

Rights of personal data owners

The user will be able to exercise their free-of-charge rights of of access, correction or suppression, limitation of treatment, opposition of treatment and portability of personal data, following the legal established method, providing correctly its identity through communication directed to DIGITAL GEN, S.L. with the reference “LOPD”, making clear:

  • Name, surname of user and a copy of the ID card. When representation is allowed, it will be also needed the identification of the person who represents the User through the same way, as well as the certifying document of the representation. The ID photocopy would be substituted by any other valid way of proving the identity.
  • Request with the specific purpose of the application or the information you want to accede
  • Address for the notifications purposes
  • Date and signature of applicant
  • Any document which indicates the request

The user should use a shipping way which assures the sending and reception of the application

This application and any other attached document should be sent to the following email address: